Egon Schiele Gay Subculture Leopold Museum

Fall/Winter 2021 Newsletter

Reconfiguring Gender:
Egon Schiele and the Gay Subculture

in partnership with Leopold Museum, Vienna.

Egon Schiele’s formative friendships with Max (“Mopp”) Oppenheimer and Erwin Dominik Osen influenced his “Expressionist breakthrough” and informed his revolutionary approach to gender. On December 3, 2021 in connection with the Leopold Museum’s 4th Egon Schiele Symposium, KRI President Jane Kallir discussed Osen and Mopp’s lasting effects on the artist in “Reconfiguring Gender: Egon Schiele and the Gay Subculture.”⁠

In light of Austria’s Covid-19 regulations, this day-long event took place exclusively online, via Zoom livestreaming on the Leopold Museum’s website.