Egon Schiele

Self-Portrait, Bust. 1912. Watercolor and pencil. Promised Gift to the National Gallery of Art, in Memory of Otto Kallir.

In 1990, Otto Kallir’s granddaughter, Jane Kallir, published the first comprehensive catalogue raisonné of Egon Schiele’s work in all mediums. Assisted by Otto Kallir’s longtime associate, Hildegard Bachert, she updated her grandfather’s catalogues of the paintings (1930 and 1966) and prints (1972), as well as adding entries on some 2,500 watercolors, drawings, sketchbooks and sculptures. An expanded edition of this catalogue raisonné was published in 1998.

The Kallir Research Institute is presently in the process of updating and digitizing Jane Kallir’s 1990 and1998 publications. The updated Schiele catalogue raisonné will be published on a dedicated website.

The Kallir Research Institute expects to launch Phase One of the online Schiele catalogue raisonné on October 31, 2018—the 100th anniversary of the artist’s death. Phase One will include new entries for several hundred works that have been authenticated since the 1998 print edition of the catalogue, and will also update the literature, exhibition and auction citations.

Subsequent phases of the online project will add more detailed provenance information, collector biographies, a glossary of pertinent collector’s stamps, links to outside sources (such as provenance dossiers and transcriptions of Schiele’s writings), and internal links to ancillary materials (such as documentary photographs and scanned exhibition catalogues). Once the catalogue is online, it will be regularly updated as new information emerges.

The Kallir Research Institute issues opinions regarding the authenticity of works attributed to Egon Schiele, upon written request from the owner of the work in question. Please contact us for further details.