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In 1940, Otto Kallir mounted Anna Mary Robertson Moses’ first one-person show at the Galerie St. Etienne. The unknown self-taught painter, referred to simply as a “farmwife” in the exhibition title, would soon become world famous as “Grandma Moses.” As her renown increased, the artist’s brother suggested she number, label and record her paintings in a dedicated notebook. The Galerie St. Etienne, her exclusive representative, also maintained comprehensive records of the artist’s output, photographing, cataloguing and copyrighting each painting as it was completed.

In 1973, Otto Kallir and his longtime associate Hildegard Bachert, published the first comprehensive catalogue raisonné of Grandma Moses’ work. Bachert and Jane Kallir, co-directors of the Galerie St. Etienne since Otto Kallir’s death in 1978, have continued to maintain comprehensive records on the work of Grandma Moses and to issue opinions regarding the authenticity of paintings not in the 1973 catalogue raisonné.

The Kallir Research Institute plans to update the 1973 Grandma Moses catalogue raisonné and publish it on a dedicated website. The online catalogue will include new entries for several hundred works that have been authenticated since 1973, as well as comprehensive provenance, literature, exhibition and auction citations.

The Kallir Research Institute issues opinions regarding the authenticity of works attributed to Anna Mary Robertson (“Grandma”) Moses, upon written request from the owner of the work in question. Please contact us for further details.